Our Story: Why Pure Paws is Different

A healthy pet makes a happy human!

We have 4 fur babies, and 1 at the rainbow bridge, who are the loves of our lives. We are passionate about pet health and we research everything we carry to make sure they are the absolute healthiest products on the market.

Our girl dog Sky was diagnosed with epilepsy 7 years ago and suffered from violent seizures for 5+ years. The medicine helped, but the side effects were horrendous. We have been serious about our own nutrition for most of our lives, so we began our journey of natural supplementation for our dogs as well. Despite the side effects from the initial veterinary drugs, our baby girl is thriving on holistic food, supplements, and CBD. She is officially 2+ years seizure-free! She has a ton of energy, a healthy liver, and a much higher quality of life.

Our boy Hurley (white dog) lived to be almost 13 years old. He was a cancer survivor and thrived cancer-free for 3 years! He passed away recently and not a day goes by that we don’t miss him. He was an amazing lovable pittie.

We recently adopted 2 puppies, Bentley and Ziggy. They are healing our hearts, and bringing us so much joy.

We would love to educate you on any of our products and find the best fit for your beloved pet. Our goal is to expand your dog’s life by feeding them biologically appropriate food and treating diseases naturally.

Knowledge is POWER!

If you can’t afford to provide RAW or home-cooked meals for your beloved, stick with grain-free food made by a small company.

We are happy to walk you through this. Many people who have made a switch to the big 4 grain-filled diets are witnessing major stomach and skin issues, and it just kills us. At the end of the day, we want you to feel relieved and comfortable, so if you are not convinced by our statement, that is totally okay. Stop in and try our healthy grain-filled options. We love them!

Concerning the 2018 DCM FDA report:

We are heartbroken for the furbabies who have passed away over the years from heart disease. We have decided to carry a few select formulas with grains, to give those who are truly worried, a healthier option. We will continue to be a grain-free dominant store because we believe it’s what nature intended for our animals. There is absolutely no evidence that food of any sort has anything to do with heart disease. In a recent update from the FDA, Sept 2020, CVM states that DCM is a scientifically complex, multifaceted issue! This issue cannot simply be boiled down to blaming any one particular ingredient or set of ingredients. And please be aware, there was a surge in DCM cases reported following each FDA update. Research is inconclusive. At the time of the FDA warning, there were roughly 80 million dogs in the USA with only 524 cases reported over a 5 year period, some of which were on grain-based diets, conveniently the writers failed to highlight. If it was a grain-free issue, wouldn’t you think there would be millions of reported issues, rather than hundreds?